Battleborn’s newest hero, Ernest, will be available to Season Pass and Digital Deluxe owners for early access August 25, while others will have to wait til September 1.

Ernest can be unlocked with 47,500 in-game credits and goes live at 9 a.m for all regions on both release dates. Ernest is the 28th Battleborn hero and is the third of five new characters coming to the game.

“This demobird is explosive on the battlefield. Some might call him a well-aged boy scout, but Ernest’s sense of honor and duty brings a new means of support and defense previously absent from the Peacekeepers – this is no small part thanks to his grenade launcher,” the 2K staff described. “The various explosive charges help Ernest lean on the offensive or provide a mean line of defense for his team.”

In addition to the Ernest announcement, new skins for the marketplace have been added. There are six new skins to choose from for Rath, Galilea, Deande, Montana, Ambra, and Caldarius.

Also, a double credits event is currently live for the game running til Monday, August 22 at 9 a.m. By playing story missions and pubic competitive multiplayer matches, players will earn double credits.

Battleborn is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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