It seems like almost every week, we hear something new about the Nintendo NX. At least, we hear things that people believe are related to the NX. All the rumors seem to connect the idea that this device is a mobile and home console hybrid of some sort with detachable controllers. More rumors are beginning to surface, focused on some new information about the complicated controller setup.

According to Nintendo Life, the gaming industry titan has filed new patents making the controller for the NX more customizable than any other device of its kind. Images show a large tablet controller, much like the Wii U Gamepad, but the D-pad and just about any other corner button setup can be switched out for something else. So whatever your pleasure, it is there for you. D-pad, joystick, buttons, etc.

Another interesting aspect of these images seemed to show a very unique button setup. It depicted 3 buttons in a diagonal row. Very different from the usual 4 buttons in a diamond setup. Could there be some sort of advantage to this that we cannot see yet? Only time will tell.

Nintendo NX patent

These patents may or may not have anything to do with the Nintendo NX, but for something further down the road. Either way, these patents are an interesting turn of events. The Nintendo NX should be coming in early 2017.

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