No Man’s Sky hasn’t even come out yet, but someone claims to have nearly beaten the game– and a bit quicker than some have expected.

Reddit user daymeeuhn recently acquired an illegal copy of No Man’s Sky for $1300, recorded himself drinking champagne while downloading the game, and started posting spoiler videos. Game developer Sean Murray asked daymeeuhn to stop posting spoiler videos, which he did, but he continued posting in No Man’s Sky’s spoiler thread on Reddit. Therein, he made some claims about the length of the game:

“Around 25-30 hours. I’m about halfway there. 30% of the 100% distance has been just from the last few hours alone. With a YouTube video explaining how to do this I think someone could reach the center in no time, 20-30 hours easy.”

He goes on: “I have done A LOT of what the game has to offer. I actually intentionally took time out of my warp jumping over the course of going to the middle to explore planets to break up the monotony of it. This does not mean I have done all of the major events, however–I am still yet to swim to the bottom of a big ocean. I am still yet to destroy a space station. I definitely still have stuff to do.”

These concerns may sound worrying to those who easily sink 100, 200 hours into a game, but there are a few reasons to not get too concerned. One, we still don’t know what’s at the center of the universe. Two, 20-30 hours with a guide is still an impressive length, that will be significantly longer if you don’t have a guide. Three, there are multitudes of ways to spend your time in this game– Grand Theft Auto V didn’t “end” with the story.

If you want to see for yourself what No Man’s Sky has to offer, it releases August 9th on PS4 and PC.

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