Tequila Works, developers of RiME, have teamed up with publishers Grey Box and Six Foot to release the adventure puzzle game next year.

“From its very first moving reveal, RiME has been a game that has excited and fascinated our team,” said Christian Svensson, COO of Six Foot. “Tequila Works has put an immense amount of passion and creativity into shaping a beautiful and deeply personal universe, and we’re all excited to share that experience with gamers next year.”

“We’ve always wanted RiME to captivate players’ imaginations, capturing that feeling of being a child and experiencing the wonders of a bedtime story for the first time,” said CEO & creative director of Tequila Works, Raúl Rubio Munárriz. “We’re so excited to find in Grey Box and Six Foot partners just as eager as we are to make that vision for such a personal project a reality.”

Tequila Works dropped Sony as the game’s publisher back in March, which has lead to some speculation that the game could go multi-platform. Back in July, the developers confirmed that the game was still in the works for PlayStation 4.

The game is planned to be unveiled at the beginning of 2017 and release later that year.

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