While it outs me as some sort of humbug, I must say, thank goodness that the Pokemon GO frenzy has past its critical mass. Despite that, news of the app still circulate the world, so here’s a recap of some of the big ones that cropped up this week.

Pokemon GO smashes pass Candy Crush and Clash Royale

After roughly a month, Pokemon GO has managed to soar past Candy Crush and Clash Royale’s revenue in their respective first month. Pokemon GO has been cited to have obtained over $200 million in revenue according to data produced by Sensor Tower. According to the chart below, that’s nearly $100 million more than Clash Royale which was the original top selling app of all time in the first month.

Chart, Pokemon GO, Clash Royale

Pokemon GO banned in Iran because of security concerns

Iran’s ‘High Council of Virtual Space’ has weighed in on the app and effectively banning it from being played in the country. Unfortunately for young Pokemon Trainers, the ban was cited for ‘security concerns’ which have not been further clarified. The officials have stated that they tried to work things out with Niantic in order to keep the game in the country. Unfortunately, that fell short and the ban was the result. Hope still brims in the hearts of many young Iran phone users who just want to be the best. Like no one ever was.

Pokemon GO may have overshadowed Detective Pikachu

It’s natural to be excited for even more Pokemon news as Pokemon GO reached its peak in popularity, it’s just a shame that the news hurt what would have been an even more astounding news: that Detective Pikachu will be an actual released movie. Detective Pikachu was well received, but because of the colossus that Pokemon GO was during the time of the announcement, news of the Detective Pikachu movie wasn’t as big as an announcement as it should have been. Despite that, consumer marketting director, J.C. Smith told VentureBeat that “in the end, we’re excited that we’re able to do this [the Detective Pikachu movie].

More news on Detective Pikachu is still on its way with the only information is that it is inspired by the 3DS game that released in Japan earlier in the year. Detective Pikachu is set to be in full production early next year.

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