The Overwatch subreddit seem to be at a stand still with the mysterious Sombra ARG according to the voiced opinion of one member of the “Game Detective Discord” channel. Reddit user rda_Highlander has pleaded to Blizzard to release something more substantial as the team have spent the last 5 days with little to no progress. ” The folks at GameDetectives, and here on Reddit, have tried everything. analyzed sky glitches, dug around unused character quotes, cross-examined every trailer frame by frame, and literally did satanic rituals in-game, trying to piece together a puzzle that won’t fit.”

Since the release of the Summer games event video, there have been countless new developments on the Sombra ARG. Here’s a quick run down of what has been discovered so far:

  1. The very first reference to Sombra came from a strange newspaper and monitors on the Dorado map that say “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS: PROTOCOL SOMBRA”.
  2. In the preparation stages of a match, Reaper would sometimes mention the mysterious character.
  3. The next big reference was after Ana’s Origin reveal video where two images flashed on the screen which had columns of numbers and letters. Fans decoded the messages as “S O M B R A” and “She who has the information, has the power“.
  4. The developer update following Ana’s release had a subliminal screen flash at the end with a code that once again was decoded to say “Was that easy? Well, now that I have your attention, allow me to make things much more difficult”.
  5. The comic in which Soldier 76 and Ana finally meet again after the fall of Overwatch has another reference to Sombra to consolidate her presence in the lore.
  6. The Summer event video showed a quick code that trailers Tracer. This is where the team have started to break down as the code has several Salted_ code which makes deciphering difficult so far without a ‘key word’.
  7. In the same video, a visible spacial blur hovers above one of the goals, leading people to believe the entity to be an invisible Sombra.
  8. Finally, a code was discovered in the sky above Dorado where the main fountain is. It was found after an alleged off-handed reference to it was made by Jeff Kaplan when he was asked whether or not there were more clues for Sombra was still undiscovered. This code produced an image which was then able to be transmuted into a melody. This code is still up for debate on its relevance.

The ARG hunt still continues but it has lost some steam as traces start to get cold. The one big code that’s still turning heads is the Tracer code as it still remains elusive to the hard working hunters. Despite all of this fantastic and zany levels of ARG, I’m expecting Sombra details in the not-to-distant future.

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