Critically acclaimed puzzle game, The Witness, is making its way on to Xbox One on September 13, creator Jonathan Blow announced.

“We’ve gotten lots of requests to bring The Witness to Xbox One,” Blow said in a post on Xbox Wire. “People tweet at me about this all the time! So we are happy to say that this is happening soon.”

“The Witness is a pretty unconventional game,” Blow continued. “You wander through an open world, so you can explore whatever catches your eye. Throughout the island you’ll find many puzzles, all with different themes. But these puzzles aren’t just arbitrary and meaningless; they communicate ideas. As you play the game, you’ll find yourself absorbing a nonverbal language, and you’ll know what to do even if you can’t quite explain what you know.”

In an exclusive with IGN, Blow told the outlet that the Xbox One version has “…some technical differences, but it’s basically the same game.”

The Witness initially launched back in January of this year for PlayStation 4 and PC. An iOS version of the game, with lower-end graphics, is currently being developed by Thekla Inc.

The Wtiness will be downloadable on Xbox One in September for $40.

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