As The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 30th anniversary, we will see four brand new Zelda amiibo to help ring in Breath of the Wild.

This holiday season, fans can expect to see three new Link amiibos and a new Zelda. The Links include an 8-bit original Link, much like the 8-bit Mario amiibo; an Ocarina of Time link, replete with the titular Ocarina in use; and Wind Waker Link, in the middle of conducting with the titular Wind Waker. The Zelda in question is the Princess Zelda form of Tetra, also from Wind Waker.

These will join an already impressive lineup of a general Link, Toon Link from the DS games and Super Smash Bros, and Wolf Link of Twilight Princess fame, not to mention two Zeldas (a general Zelda and her Shiek form from Ocarina of Time), and Ganondorf. Soon, we will also see two more Links, in archer and rider form, as well as a Guardian enemy, all from upcoming Breath of the Wild.

Speaking of Breath of the Wild, only Wolf Link has been confirmed to add functionality to the game, by bringing Wolf Link in to assist the player, as well as the 3 amiibos designed specifically for it. Now, these four amiibos will add “special functionality” to the game.

These 4 amiibo will be available December 2nd.

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