Amazon is a gigantic company that is known throughout the world. You can find nearly everything and anything on the site and have it shipped directly to your home. I’m sure millions of gamers use it for themselves. Their relationship with this company may change very soon. Like Sony and Microsoft, Amazon is going from a company on the outside to one diving into the video game world.

While it is certainly not an easy thing to do, Amazon has undoubtedly proved itself as a successful business. With this, they have decided to see if they can find even more success by forming their own game studio. Their first game, Breakaway, has been teased to have numerous unique characters. Each tweet by the company giving a quote, as an insight into the character themselves.

This may be all we know about Breakaway, but luckily this won’t be for long. Amazon is revealing everything we need to know about their first title Thursday, September 29th at 6:00 pm PT. To be a part of this unveiling, just go on the Play Breakaway page on Twitch and follow them on Twitter for more hints towards the end of this countdown. Hopefully, Amazon will strike a new fan base in the gaming community.

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