If you’re a fan of anime, it’s probably about time you take a look at the Musou game for Berserk, which has just gotten a Western release date.

Musou games are the genre trailblazed by Omega Force developed Dynasty Warriors, where you’re one of the most powerful entities on a battlefield, and where and when you fight determines the tide of battle shifts. The best Western comparison is playing as a Jedi in Battlefront. The hyper-successful Hyrule Warriors is a Musou game, as is the recent Attack on Titan, and now Berserk is getting the Omega Force treatment, in the upcoming Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

Berserk is a dark, bordering on pitch-black, medieval fantasy manga and sometime anime. It’s also widely considered one of the best mangas ever penned (and it’s been ongoing, off and on, since 1988). It follows protagonist Guts, whose philosophy can be summed up by the game’s tagline “Rage overpowers fear” as he fights for a better world, even when the world refuses to change. (This makes the title somewhat confusing, as Berserk is the manga title, but the Band of the Hawk is something Guts is involved with.)

The game is impressively animated, gory to the most extreme that publisher Koei Tecmo will allow for a Mature rather than Adults Only rating, and features about two hours of fully animated cinematics.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk releases February 21st in North America and February 24th in Europe.

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