The Elder Scrolls games are well-known for their creative and dedicated modding community. Well recently, the Skyrim modder UniqueUses uploaded screenshots of his latest project, “Toon Skyrim.” As you can guess, “Toon Skyrim” makes the game look like a cartoon.

But how exactly does UniqueUses get Skyrim to look like this?

Every texture in Skyrim was reworked by lowering the resolutions and getting rid of details. Textures were also smoothed out to get rid of rough edges. This leaves the textures with almost no detail and makes the game look like cartoon. UniqueUses describes his project as a “Potatoe texture mod.”

However, lowering the texutres isnt’t enough to make Skyrim look this good. UniqueUses uses an ENB mod to create a more dynamic environment. For those who don’t know what an ENB is, it’s a graphics mod that adds a ton of post-processing visuals to a game like depth-of-field vision, sun flares, and realistic lighting. Plus, a custom weather mod is added to match the new visuals.

For more pictures of “Toon Skyrim,” you can check out Unique’s imgur gallery here. The mod is still a work in progress but you can follow UniqueUses’ Reddit thread for all the latest updates.

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