A new trailer for patch 3.4 of Final Fantasy XIV has been released on the game’s official Youtube channel. Titled, Soul Surrender, the new update is scheduled to bring new content as well as features that will improve the quality of life of players in the game.

As always, this patch will continue the main scenario of Heavensward and add a brand new raid tier to Alexander. We will also be seeing the continuation of the Hildibrand questline, as well as a new update to the Dark Dungeon. Two new dungeons along with the ability for players to duel each other will also be coming in this patch.

Apartments will also be add to the game. This new feature is similar to the private quarters in Free Company houses. These buildings will be added to every subdivision and ward in the game. In order to buy one of these apartments, players will have to have a least one class to level 50, reach the rank of second lieutenant with any of the three grand companies in the game, along with 500,000 gil to rent out the space. Hopefully this new feature alleviates the lack of space available to players who desire a place to call their own.

Patch 3.4 of Final Fantasy XIV will release September 27th.

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