A whole new batch of Xbox 360 games are now backwards compatible on Xbox One.

Major Nelson announced that the list of games was growing today on Twitter, confirming that the following titles are now playable for free on Xbox One if you owned them on Xbox 360:

  • de Blob 2 – A platform puzzle game originally released in 2011, developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment.
  • ARKANOID Live! – A 2009 Xbox Live Arcade title stemming from the original Arkanoid, which arrived in arcades in 1986. Arkanoid is an expanded version of the game Breakout, which is influenced by Pong.
  • QIX++ – Another 2009 Xbox Live Arcade title, QIX++ is a remake of the original Qix, first released in 1986. The Xbox 360 version added updated graphics, special effects, and a multiplayer mode.
  • Of Orcs and Men – An action RPG originally released in 2012, Of Orcs and Men puts players in the control of an Orc in the midst of a war between Goblins and Orcs in the land of Bloodjaws.
  • Bayonetta – PlatinumGames’ most well-known witch first started out as a multi-platform title in 2010 before her sequel was a Wii U exclusive. Bayonetta is a third-person action title where players use various witch attacks to fight enemies.

The list of backwards compatible Xbox One games continues to grow, and for good reason – Microsoft has stated that players are clearly taking advantage of the program.

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