GOG.com has announced a new feature for their website: the GOG Wallet.

Gamers can access their GOG Wallet by going to gog.com/wallet. Funds can be added ranging in amounts from $5 to $500, with funds being withdrawn anytime a purchase is made on GOG.com. Unlike prepaid debit cards or gift cards, any funds in the wallet will never expire. A maximum of $500 can be held in the wallet, and a maximum of $1,000 in purchases per day can be made with funds inside the wallet. Wallet funds are not refundable, and any purchases made with wallet funds and subsequently returned will be sent back to the wallet.

Adding funds to the GOG Wallet requires that the two-step login is enabled in the account settings. This authentication process will send a four-digit to the email account associated with the account. The additional check will only be required whenever the account is logged into on a new browser, device, or location. GOG will also have a “fair price package” feature on some games that will result in a discount on certain titles that have a higher region-based pricing. Store credit earned through this program will be automatically dispersed to the GOG Wallet.

The GOG Wallet feature was launched as a convenience for those who would be subject to international banking fees or other surcharges when making a payment on the store. If one is short on Wallet funds, they can make up the difference with another form of payments. GOG will also provide the convenience of being to control the spending budget for kids or young adults without having to give access to a credit card. You can read the FAQ for the GOG Wallet feature here.

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