In the latest episode of Recode Decode, Niantic announced that new features are on the way for Pokemon Go, including the ability to trade Pokemon.

“It’s been a busy two months, so we’re now happy that we’re kind of stabilized and able to start being a little more thoughtful about the next set of features that we want to build,” Niantic CEO John Hanke stated on the podcast.

Hanke explained that the team had learned a lot from their previous game Ingress, which holds in-person “events” for players to meet up and play together.

“I think we probably will hold events for Pokemon Go,” Hanke stated. “We want to make sure that if we do put on an event, we can adequately handle the number of people who would show up.”

Also in the works is the ability to trade Pokemon that players have caught, a signature feature of the Pokemon series. Hanke also stated that player-versus-player battles are also “something that we talk a lot about internally.”

An update for Pokemon Go is on the way. Features coming in the update include the ability to see where a Pokemon was caught, the ability to attempt to capture Pokemon with the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, and minor bug fixes.

Pokemon Go is available on iOS and Android devices.

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