Unimpressed with Overwatch’s weekly brawls? You’re not the only one.

A thread on the Overwatch forums titled “Please stop with hero limitation brawls” evoked a response from the game’s director, Jeff Kaplan, who promised that future brawls will be more varied and “cooler.”

“Good feedback. We have plans for some cooler Brawls later this fall and winter,” he wrote. “We’ll bring back some of the old favorites as well, based on feedback.”

The original post came from user DylieWylie, who noted that many of these weekly challenges were strictly limiting players as to which heroes they could use.

“I love that Blizz works on all these different brawls for us, it adds a fun element to the game. But honestly, I’m tired of being excited for the new brawl just to see that it’s another hero limitation brawl (only offense heroes, only girls, etc). Being limited to playing heroes that still have the same function as always isn’t what makes brawls fun. What makes brawls fun (to me, anyway) are the mechanics that differ from regular play. Things like random heroes or ultra fast cooldowns. Things that change the feel of the game and not just having certain characters blocked off.”

The good news is it seems like this will change very soon.

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