It looks as though a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption may be in the works. The source of this news comes from an Unnamed Korean localization team. According to this source, the remastered version will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If these rumors are indeed true, the Red Dead Redemption remaster will release sometime during 2017.

The source then goes on to state that Sony plans to announce the remaster during their PlayStation Meeting this month. The conference is set to take place on September 7th 12:00 PT/3:00 pm ET in New York. The company is also rumored to announce the release of their new console, the PlayStation Neo during this conference.

According to other sources, the PlayStation Neo is rumored to be priced at $399. The console will have an improved GPU, CPU, as well as more RAM. It will also have the ability to support 4K image output and will feature PlayStation VR support. The source also states that Sony will begin releasing PlayStation 4 titles for the console that take advantage of its hardware.

While we only have these rumors to go by, we will have to wait until this month’s PlayStation Meeting to see if these rumors are indeed true.

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