It is clear from the success of such titles that gamers love huge blockbusters like Halo, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and others. These shooters take solid teamwork to make your way through tough levels or beat down the opposing squad. You would be mistaken, however, if you through the indie world could not conjure up these tactics as well. Rocktastic Games, an independent studio, is ready to release their cooperative shooter Rogue Continuum and we should all be excited about it.

If you were not aware of it, Rogue Continuum was released in Early Access on Steam some time ago. In it, players can pick among four unique heroes and join forces to make their way through alien infested planets. All the while, this journey is to stop an evil fleet from destroying our home planet of Earth.

Using twin-stick shooter gameplay, players will have a blast (pun intended) shooting down enemies from all angles with their friends by their side. In addition to addictive, action packed goodness, Rogue Continuum also feature RPG elements that let you upgrade your heroes and their weapons.

If you wish to learn more about Rogue Continuum before it is fully released on Steam on October 4, you can visit the Rocktastic Games website for yourself.

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