Blizzard has introduced a new use for the the WoW Token in World of Warcraft. Originally, these tokens could only be used to give players extra subscription time, but now players can also use them to increase their Balance.

Players can buy WoW Tokens at the in-game cash shop and then sell them in the auction house for varying (but usually obscene) amounts of gold. When WoW Tokens were first introduced in World of Warcraft, players could only redeem them for 30 days additional subscription time. Now, Blizzard has given players the option of redeeming tokens for $15 Balance. Blizzard has not placed any limitations on what players can buy with money bought with WoW Tokens, which means that players can buy in-game items such as non-combat pets, appearance change tokens, or even other Blizzard games such as Diablo III or Overwatch.

Players who spend a lot of time in WoW but have very little money to spend will find these tokens useful, as these players can essentially pay for subscription time and/or points by playing the the game. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, these tokens have put a significant dent in the gold farmer and gold seller populations.

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