Giants Software has released a new trailer for Farming Simulator 17 that shows off new features added to taking care of your animals.

The more players tend to their livestock, the more livestock will benefit farmers in the long run.

“Players who properly tend to their animals will be able to bring in more income for their farms!,” Giants Software explains in a press release. “Fresh straw for bedding and suitable food for each animal’s diet means more wool from sheep flocks and more milk produced by cow herds. Each animal requires a specially crafted diet, with a careful balance between different food types which you can grow yourself on your own farm.”

“Keep the feeding areas tidy and clean, properly feed and water your animals, and offer them fresh bedding regularly. Doing this will cause your animals’ happiness to raise, maximizing their levels of reproduction. Keeping up with these needs means smart farmers can make a good profit by buying small groups of animals, then selling them in larger numbers after they multiply!” the dev continues.

Farming Simulator 17 includes over 250 farming vehicles from over 75 manufactures. Improved character customization features will also be added including the ability to choose your gender and clothing.

Farming Simulator 17 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 25.

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