It seems that Monday is going to be a big day for The Last of Us fans, as long as they have some money to spend on fan products.

Mondo Tees, the company behind some of the highest-quality fan products available– from posters and full-priced originals, to music, to collectibles, to the titular apparel– has announced that Monday will serve as the reveal date for some secret project with Naughty Dog, and that project is called The Last of Us: Outbreak Day 2016.

For those not steeped in The Last of Us lore, Outbreak Day was the in-game date that the Cordyceps Brain Infection, which created the game’s tough, zombie-like enemies, reaches a point where it goes from isolated cases to a nationwide spread in just a few hours. (Incidentally, this is also protagonist Joel’s birthday, which is an important fact to those who know how Outbreak Day went for him.)

This is exciting news for fans, but it’s not the first time Mondo has done work for The Last of Us: They also at one point sold a gorgeous Cordycep poster, as well as an impressive 4XLP Soundtrack. These are no longer available for purchase.

Naughty Dog has celebrated Outbreak Day before, with their release of an “Alternate” ending which can only be described as …alternate.

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