Microsoft has unveiled the launch trailer for upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, ReCore.

The trailer and accompanying blog post by Microsoft Studios offers a deeper look into the game’s story, characters, and the talent lending their voices to the project.

ReCore takes place in a world named “Far Eden” where you’ll control main character Joule Adams, voiced by Erika Soto. The entire game is narrated by Joule’s father, Dr. Adams, who is voiced by Connor Trinneer. The trailer also introduced a never-before-seen character, Kai Brehn, voiced by Harry Shum Jr.

ReCore is developed  by legendary Mega Man creator, Keiji Inafune and the team behind the critical-acclaimed Metroid series, Armature Studio.

“Waking on the world of Far Eden, Joule Adams finds she is not alone, but armed with both her father’s guiding words and a host of Corebot companions,” the new trailer’s description reads.

We still know very little about the world of ReCore, which should make exploring its world and story that much more exciting. The game is set to release on September 13 in North America. ReCore will be just $39.99 at release and is the first title in Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program, allowing those who purchase the game on Xbox One or Windows 10 to play it for free on both platforms.

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