The Japanese 2D hack-and-gun Earth’s Dawn (originally Earth Wars) is coming to the West very soon, with physical and digital release.

Rising Star and Dracue software’s Earth’s Dawn is most immediately noteworthy for its art style (a dying earth with brilliant mechanics and alien life) and impressive graphics, a satisfying combination of paper-doll layering, gorgeous assets, and sharp, snappy motion. The game occurs in the aftermath of an invasion by the “E.B.E.”, whose technology is being used against them by a special force– your players. Combos and customization are paramount to the experience: You’ll be using swords and guns to juggle enemies high into the air for combos, and updating your character’s looks and loadout to take on the alien threat as you see best fit.

This depth goes further with upgrades: You collect gear from slain enemies, and you can sacrifice some weapons to power up others if you have a preferred loadout. This is all not to mention the high number of masks you can don to get that perfect look for your character.

Earth’s Dawn releases physical copies October 28th for the PlayStation 4 in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East, with a digital release (and U.S. physical copy) coming November 1st to all regions. It will release on the Xbox One November 2nd.

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