If you’ve wanted to try out ReCore, but have been hesitant to take the full dive in, Microsoft may have the perfect solution. Starting today, gamers on Xbox One and Windows 10 can download a free trial version of the third-person action game.

“It’s been great to see so many people jumping into ReCore and having fun. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who’s been playing and sharing their enjoyment of ReCore,” Senior Creative Director Joseph Staten explains in a post on Xbox Wire. But for those that haven’t picked up the game yet they can get a small, 30-minute taste with the timed trial.

“Players will meet Joule, her Corebot companion Mack, and begin their adventure in the beautiful and mysterious world of Far Eden. If you decide to buy the full game afterwards, you can pick up right where you left off, as your progress (and Achievements) in the trial will be reflected in the full game.”

Today also sees the release of a new patch for ReCore, shortening load times, fixing audio issues, and even improving visuals.

While our review found ReCore to have excellent platforming segments and a lot of potential, we thought it was ultimately dragged down by a few questionable design decisions and a lack of variety.

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