343 Industries and Creative Assembly are pulling out all the stops to make Halo Wars 2 an epic experience, and Blitz Mode is the newest edition to the RTS game.

Taking a step in a unique direction that many Real-Time Strategy games do not these days, Halo Wars 2 is bringing a deck building arcade mode to the popular console RTS. Detailed in the video below, Blitz Mode promises no resource collection and no tech trees to follow, and will instead focus purely on action and timings.

The video shows cards that you will put together into a deck prior to a multiplayer match. During the match, the cards become available to you and you can use them to summon units, create powerful temporary buffs, or bring the pain with deadly offensive bombardments. 343 Industries talks about how they wanted to include a mode that just focused on the action of a match and didn’t get bogged down into the gritty details of army upkeep.

With no specific details given so far, it looks as if each card requires some form of energy resource to use during the match and cards can be used multiple times before expiring. We can also see some synergy with the leader that you select to use with the deck. So expect some leader specific abilities and a large amount of customization between cards and your leader selection.

Halo Wars 2 is set to launch on February 21st, 2017 for Xbox One and PC.

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