Hitman’s sixth and final episode, Hokkaido, will arrive on October 31.

Players will travel to Japan, where they will infiltrate what I0-Interactive describes as a “hyper-exclusive private hospital and resort.” While blending in among the crowds, players can expect to explore cutting-edge medical facilities, quiet Zen gardens complete with blossoming cherry trees, a traditional Japanese hot spring, and an organic sushi restaurant. The sheer variety of environments in the Hokkaido level suggest that Agent 47 will have quite an array of disguises to adopt and roles to inhabit as he moves through the level.

The associated mission, “Situs Inversus,” will bring this season’s story to a close as the player is tasked with assassinating two new targets. I0-Interactive have yet to announce the identity of the targets.

As with previous levels, Hokkaido will eventually be used for Escalation Contracts and Elusive Targets, making good on the developer’s promise to provide additional content for episodes after their release.

While initial reactions to Hitman’s decision to adopt an episodic structure late in development were largely negative, gamers seem to have warmed to the strategy after seeing it in action. For players still waiting for all episodes to be released in a single package, a physical edition of the game is slated for release in January.

In the meantime, fans can check out the announcement trailer for Episode 6 below.


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