For some Overwatch players, Christmas came early with 11 free loot boxes added to their accounts. Confirmed as a bug by reddit user perscitia, the freebies were actually meant to be given to the SEA region after the Korean servers were being hammered by DDoS attacks and server downtimes. Unfortunately (or fortunately), a bug brought this little bonus to other Overwatch accounts that were not designated to receive these freebies.

A GM Overwatch representative spoke to reddit user EntrinitySR, who also received the 11 boxes for free, and informed them that the boxes were indeed a bug. It was also stated that while they are bugs, they will not be rolled back from accounts. “You can totally open them and enjoy the loot in them! It’s a bug on our side, so while I know it’s alarming, they were sent for free, and are yours to keep”.

With that said, not every account was lucky enough to receive these free chests. So far, there are reports of Australian and some American PC players benefiting from the bug.

Fortunately, I was one of the lucky recipients, along with several other Australians. While I’m not grateful for freebies, managing just the one Roadhog legendary skin and an incredible amount of dupes reminds me why I’ve been burnt from the loot box system.

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