Madden 17 has received a new update for the Ultimate Team mode. The long running and highly successful NFL game franchise from EA allows players to live out their fantasy as a virtual coach for the top teams in American Football, and the latest patch brings improvements to the excellent (if not slightly pay-to-win) Ultimate Team side of the title.

A statement on the Madden 17 Facebook page detailed the improvements as:

  • Stability improvements for MUT Solo Challenges,
  • Added tabbing functionality to MUT Objective List (can work on and view multiple objectives list at once now)
  • Added additional logic to wildcard sets inside of MUT
  • Other minor stability improvements

Stability Improvements for Solo Challenges will be welcomed by players of the game. They represent probably the best way of amassing in game currency early on in your teams journey, coins that can be used to make shrewd purchases in the Auction House.


Madden Ultimate Team has to be admired as being extremely playable. It combines the excitement of opening packs of player cards, with the challenge and enjoyment of bringing through your own championship football team. The way to progress your team quickly may be leaned heavily towards real money in game purchases of card packs. The spending of the virtual coins earned in game on said packs will not benefit you very much with new talent. That being said, it doesn’t degrade too much from your appreciation of taking the team of nobodies that you begin, with right to the pinnacle of the NFL.

Madden NFL 17 launched earlier this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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