Earlier this week, Mojang released Minecraft’s 1.11 patch for the PC, aka the Exploration update, which adds cartographers, llama, and more.

Now among other villager NPCs, the cartographer resides in the library. Players can spend emeralds, earned through mining, to obtain maps that can reveal the locations of various interesting spots including Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions.

Mojang discussed the newly added Woodland Mansion in a post on their official site. “This procedurally generated dungeon is the home of the villager’s outcast cousins, the Illagers,” Mojang explained. “This insidious and spooky crowd will not tolerate any trespassers in their home, so you should expect a fight when you venture there for the mansion’s treasure.”

minecraft map

In addition to the other changes, llamas have been added in the Exploration update. Llamas act as walking inventory companions that can be found in mountainous terrain. Llamas can be equipped with chests to hold items and can act as a caravan if led by the player. On the topic of increased inventory space, the Shulker Box, is an inventory-expanding chest that may prove useful to players.

For more on the update including new enchantments, blocks and more, you can read the detailed list here. Stay tuned for more updates on new content for the game.

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