Hello Games finally seemed to finally break their silence following the release, and controversy, of their game No Man’s Sky, with the single tweet “No Man’s Sky was a mistake,” up on the developer’s official Twitter. The tweet was quickly deleted, and the account turned to private. When contacted by a Forbes writer by email, the representative from the company claims it was an employee, and that they were working to get to the bottom of things.

This is where things get weird. Hello Games is an incredibly small company, so finding the culprit of an angry tweet wouldn’t take much detective work. Responding to an inquiry from Polygon, Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray himself, or someone posing as Sean Murray, claims to have tweeted it, stating, “The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down, we are not coping well.”

Later on, seeming to regain control of the Twitter account, the developer jumped on again, jokingly explaining:

Sean Murray followed this with a tweet seeming to infer that the hack was perpetrated via LinkedIn. Even later on, a Twitter reply line started between Sean Murray’s Twitter, and the official Hello Games, failing to explain much further.


Earlier tweets (now deleted) claim that all emails sent to news outlets and confused bystanders are part of the hack, and should be disregarded.

Accused of false advertising surrounding No Man’s Sky, Hello Games has recently kept its silence concerning its own problems, but right about now seems like the time to come out and actually do some explaining. It’s disconcerting that the first break in the silence following the sad launch of No Man’s Sky is yet another trail of confusion. As we learn more, you’ll find it here on Gamespresso.

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