While the PlayStation 4 Pro promises to be more powerful than the PlayStation 4, Sony has not forgotten about its first iteration of the system.

Update 4.05 has gone live for the PlayStation 4, and includes only the vague patch note that it “improves the quality of the system performance”. This may not seem like an earth-shattering change, but it’s a good sign for Sony’s support of the system, considering their recent push of the console’s improved version.

The PS4 Pro is getting an extra 1GB of RAM, which will increase the processing power by about 10%, a noticeable improvement. It will also support HDD connections, SATA 3.0, HDR, 4K, improved storage, a replaceable hard drive, and more. Sony, however, has previously stated that all games on their system(s) must be able to run on all versions of their console, so those who have their original PS4 aren’t left in the dust. System performance updates like 4.05 are a sign of good faith that Sony intends to keep its word about making both systems viable– while making the PS4 Pro a worthwhile improvement.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will come out on November 10th for $399. The PlayStation 4, and its patch 4.05, are available now for $299 (the patch, of course, is free with the system).

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