This week, we could be seeing a massive change in the video game industry as we know it. It is impossible to tell how this will impact the community as of now, but this week Sony is finally releasing the PlayStation VR. While there is the Oculus Rift and other virtual reality headsets, the PlayStation VR looks to be the most marketed and mainstream one so far. According to Sony, however, this is only the beginning.

Technology moves at a faster rate than the average person can hardly comprehend. Every day we turn around and something new and better is on the way. That is how Sony is looking to approach the virtual reality hardware. In a conversation with IGN, SIE Worldwide Studios Chaiman Shawn Layden stated that the company is already working on new and innovative ways to enhance the PlayStation VR.

Layden went on to say that the new headset was, “step one in a very long journey. We’re all in. We’ve put it all on the table and I like our chances.” As said earlier, this journey is beginning this week with the release of the PlayStation VR. Will you be grabbing one yourself? We can’t wait to see how far this new wave turns out.

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