Niantic’s breakaway hit Pokemon Go has slowed after its initial release but is still making $2 million daily as a free-to-play app.

Even with the reduced numbers, it doesn’t seem like the popular free-to-play app is out of the picture, though it is a considerable decline from making about $16 million daily at its peak. In a report from analysis group NewZoo, we can see that the “catch ‘em all” game has influenced the mobile market considerably with almost 24% of its users being brand new to mobile games and still claiming about 700,000 daily downloads.

Other impressive statistics claimed by the free-to-play game are almost 27 million downloads daily at its peak, over 550 million downloads so far, and over $470 million in revenues after the 30% fee for using the iOS and Google Play stores. Pokemon Go is “the most popular franchise across every country we studied,” according to NewZoo. “In fact, 37% of gamers across these four countries have played Pokemon Go in the past three months. This puts the game well ahead of Candy Crush Saga at #2 which was played by 27% of gamers.”

Niantic has recently released a new feature which makes catching rare Pokemon easier. Expect the game to continue evolving with such a committed fan base.

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