Nintendo may have just learned a valuable lesson with their latest demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon: Delete all extra information about the game.

It appears that the demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon contained a full Pokedex, and dataminers have already pulled out almost all the game’s Pokemon sprites, down to shinies. Spoilers, obviously, follow this sentence.

There appear to be 800 Pokemon in the new dex. Possibly unsurprisingly, all of the major leaks up until this point have proven to be true, including what the starters’ final forms look like. All Alolan forms will come from the original 151, and include a chubbier shiny Persian, a black-geode Golem, and …a luscioius-locked Dugtrio. There will be 8 “Ultra Beasts” overall, which are still being treated as separate from Pokemon, and their designs vary wildly from Pokemon– and each other. Interestingly, they also have shiny forms. Equally interesting, both main Legendaries have pre-evolutions, and Marshadow has been confirmed… and is tiny.

New moves with varied and powerful effects (like halving all attack damage to your team for 5 turns) have been found, as well as new items, and location names (including the Kalos Region!). Ash’s Greninja, terrifyingly, is much more powerful than even a Mega Evolution– and Ash’s Pikachu is in the game, too! (Well, Pikachu wearing different hats.)

Kaphotics has been breaking down these datamines in YouTube videos, below (as long as they haven’t been taken down). 

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes to Nintendo 3DS on November 18th. Its demo is available now, and includes Ash’s Greninja, which can be transferred to the full game.

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