It might not be a game changer, but the little things can easily make people happy. Shown off in a quick video by Larry ‘MajorNelson’ Hryb, when players manage to receive a rare achievement, a new animation and sound fanfare plays.

The short video of Forza Horizon 3 shows the player driving down the final road for the rare “I Know These Roads” achievement. While the little chime itself is innocuous, it can still potentially be a immersion breaker. Given context, the cute, almost magical tune could pull you out of the moment. That said, much like with the standard achievement fanfare, the sound should be optional, with the ability to turn it off completely.

The small feature will be included in the next major Xbox One update for all users. Players will be able to check out these new features through the Xbox Preview Program, an invite-only ‘beta’ access to upcoming console updates. Aside from this small change, most of the update will contain bug fixes and changes that will hopefully streamline the user experience. The last major noteworthy update shown off on the Xbox Preview Program included the ability to silence Cortana.

There is no proper time frame for the next major update’s release. Check back when the update drops, where we’ll cover what exactly changed in the newest Xbox One update.

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