The Xbox One S has received an update that will fix an issue that has been affecting black levels when playing compatible games in HDR.

Some owners of the Xbox One S have been experiencing difficulties with the new console’s HDR mode, with HDR capable games appearing either too bright or faded. Mike Ybarra, Xbox’s Director of Program Management, took to Twitter to announce the update.

“Small update for Xbox One S and HDR – fixes a reported black level issue. HDR is great on Horizon 3, Gears, and more. Snag the update!” the tweet reads.

The issue only appears on certain HDR capable televisions, and causes them to not display the fullest contrast range possible, which negates the effects of HDR. If you own an Xbox One S and your television has been affected by this problem, the update should solve the issue completely and let you enjoy the full HDR experience.

The update also fixes an issue with the Xbox’s Game DVR feature, where the brightness of videos and screenshots are affected if they are captured while the television is in HDR mode. Additionally, as with most system updates, there are also the standard general stability and performance improvements.

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