Developers Studio Wildcard continue to bring out DLC and numerous updates to Ark: Survival Evolved, as well as plenty of premium content for the game, such as Scorched Earth. This is all before it has even officially launched. Studio Wildcard has managed to gather a large community around the Dinosaur themed survival game, and they have an almost insatiable appetite for new challenges. The latest of these is the return of the popular Thanksgiving Event from last year of the Turkey Trial.

Turkey Trial 2 launches players in to the Turkey hunt of their life. The target is the dangerous, large and rare “Super Turkey” in the aim of obtaining the wishbone from the creature. Harvest enough of these wishbones and players will be able to craft a special Chieftain hat(20 wishbones), gain custom emotes(30 wishbones), or even more excitingly being able to summon the legendary Dodo-Rex as their slave.

Ark: Survival Evolved

100 wishbones gives you control of the enormous Dodo-Rex for 15 minutes.

Hunting these particular Turkeys is not for the faint-hearted. The Super Turkeys have no natural enemies, and will aggravate any other wild creatures in the area to attack you as well. Their difficulty is based on the difficulty of the server, but it will provide a stern test for anyone but the best equipped survivors. Perhaps the trial is just surviving the event unscathed.

Turkey Trial 2 began on November 15th for Xbox users, and starts November 23rd on PC. It will run until early December.

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