DAUM and Black Desert Online are celebrating the holidays with not only a huge Black Friday sale, but new awakenings for the twin swordsmen, Musa and Maehwa. Awakenings are new weapons and abilities that a class can achieve at level 56, adding new depth to Black Desert Online characters beyond the soft level cap of 50.

Starting with the Black Friday sale, new players can get the game for a measly $4.99, at the lowest tier of game packages. All packages are 50% off, with the most expensive one, with the most extra rewards, being $24.99. The in-game shop will be hosting hourly and daily deals. The hourly deals will be cheaper, but may eventually sell out, so if you wanted that new horse armor, you better jump at the chance.

Next, we have the new weapon awakenings. DAUM has released lore updates for the Musa and Maehwa, outlining the backstory behind them and their weapons, along with new trailers.

The Musa, which is a powerful swordsman excelling at single-target combat, is getting the Crescent Blade, which will allow for more sweeping attacks and powerful area-of-effect combos. The Maehwa, which had more sweeping attacks to start, is getting the Kerispear, which is a bladed pole arm that adds to her single-target capabilities, while giving her powerful rhythmic combination attacks.

To get the awakened weapons, players must go through seven main quests, which include 3 ordeal quests, and go back through their pasts to learn more about themselves before their spirit-given amnesia.

The Musa and Maehwa akawening quests are already live, along with the start of the Black Friday sales. The sales will go through November 24 at 10:00am UTC to November 28 at 12:00am UTC.

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