Have you ever had the lesson at school where you are tasked with building a bridge? You get all sorts of materials like toilet roll tubes, string and ice-lolly sticks, and have to bridge a small gap with something that can support a toy car. If you have, you may know it is not simple. That is the premise of physics based puzzler Bridge Constructor.

The game has been on Steam for 3 years and in that time has received an impressive 77% positive rating from users. It is also available on iOS and Android devices, and now is about to make its cross-over onto console for the first time, with a release date set for December 13th.

The console version will feature improved graphics, intuitive joypad controls as well as the add-on of 24 extra “Slope Mania” levels. Publisher HeadUp Games are making their debut on the PlayStation 4 with Bridge Constructor, but hope this game will raise interest in their brand before their next titles of The Inner World and its follow-up The Inner World – The Last Windmonk hit the console in 2017.

Bridge Constructor offers players the use of a range of differing materials for each individual bridge, the only limit being the budget offered for each build. Difficulty is raised by load limit, ranging from car, to truck, to the extremely heavy tank-truck. You will be bridging gaps across 6 different settings such as City, Beach and Mountains and has 40 standard levels to conquer.

Physics Based Puzzlers are not new to the PlayStation, King Oddball and Contrast are two that spring to mind. What may set Bridge Constructor apart is the large fan base that the game already commands. According to HeadUp Games, Bridge Constructor already has 50 million users worldwide. This may be the kind of following the title needs to be a success in the competitive market of console gaming. It remains to be seen however if it will be a hit with the community. This genre is best suited to the touchscreen of mobile devices or the quick accurate control of a mouse. Perhaps the leap to PlayStation 4 will be “A Bridge Too Far.”

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