Bungie is integrating Twitch streaming directly into the Destiny Companion site, adding new features specific to the game.

Streaming Destiny on Twitch has certainly never been difficult in the past, but the game has always had to compete with streaming juggernauts like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Hearthstone, which are consistently the top three most viewed games on Twitch. This makes it less likely for fans to discover Destiny streamers, since the game rarely has top placement on the streaming site.

To help fix this problem, Bungie is bringing Destiny streams straight to the fans by integrating Twitch’s API directly into its Companion site. They are also adding features to make the viewing experience better for Destiny fans, such as being able to browse streams based on which raid or quest is being done, and displaying all of the gear that the streamer has equipped.

This will be very useful for players who are trying to determine the effectiveness of a particular loadout, as well as for streamers who will no longer have to keep repeating the gear they are using if someone just joined the stream. Viewers will also be able to chat and engage with streamer and other viewers the same as they have always been able to on regular Twitch chat.

Bungie states that “these features will be activated soon,” but no specific date was given.

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