Details for an upcoming patch coming to Ark: Survival Evolved have been released.

Patch 251 will introduce 4 new dinosaurs: the Achatina, Megalosaurus, Moschops, and the Pachyrhinosaurus. The patch will also introduce newly redesigned caves for The Island. The caves have undergone a huge redesign, both visually and gameplay wise. This means that all cave structures will be wiped due to the changes being made, so players who are in a cave on The Island will want to relocate. This is just the first part of the cave update, as more work will be done to the under water caves and Tek Cave.

During a Q&A session with Lead Designer and Studio Wildcard Co-Founder Jeremy Stieglitz, it was revealed that Xbox Play Anywhere support is on the way. A fan asked, “Do you have any time frame for when Ark will be compatible with Xbox Play Anywhere/Windows 10 gaming? I know its been planned since Xbox Play Anywhere was unveiled but I wanted to know if you had a basic time frame in mind.” Stieglitz responded by saying that it is hard to know when the support will be released, but that it is looking like it will come out in December.

Ark: Survival Evolved is available through Steam Early Access and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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