Ditto has been captured in Pokemon GO– and it appears that Ditto disguises itself as common Pokemon until it has been caught.

According to a thread in the Pokemon GO fan-Reddit TheSilphRoad, user Kvothealar was the first to catch a Ditto, the only non-Legendary Pokemon not available in the game up until this point. User Skellyton5 compiled the following information about ditto:

  • “1) It transforms at the start of a Battle, even if you don’t attack.
  • 2) It stays transformed to the first Pokémon it sees in progressive battles.
  • 3) It matches TYPE an abilities of copied Pokémon
  • 4)It does NOT match CP, rather it becomes the CP of the copied Pokémon using ditto’s level and IVs.
  • 5) It looks like a Ditto in the Gym.
  • 6) Ditto retains original transformation Even after being swapped out/in. Defensive dittos do not transform again.
  • 7) It can attack before the transformation animation is complete so look for the yellow flash.
  • 8) It looks like a regular Pokémon on the map and catch screen. It is titled the same as copied Pokémon, and has same animations. It only becomes a ditto after caught.
  • 9) Prestiging a GYM. The transformation CP is counted. The album below shows this. Note this isn’t some super ditto team, its just what i was able to slap together.
  • 10) When faced with another ditto, neither will transform.

Pokemon GO Ditto

  • 11) Go Plus does Not flash yellow if it targets a ditto. If the Go Plus fails the catch, ditto will appear as a shadow though.
  • 12) In the wild, Ditto does not change the default cry or medal flash of the disguised Pokémon.
  • 13) Ditto is a predetermined spawn, IE: it is NOT a chance upon starting an encounter.
  • 14) Ditto seems to be Worldwide.
  • 15) Does appear on Lures and Incense.
  • 16) You can catch multiple Dittos.
  • 17) Anecdotal evidence suggests that a disguised Ditto may be more difficult to catch than your average common. Need Official Datamine catch rates to confirm
  • 18) Ditto’s buddy distance is 3km.
  • 19) Ditto will Not ride on your shoulder.
  • 20) In a multiplayer Defending Ditto will only transform to the first Pokémon to enter the battle. Subsequent players will Not get their own transformation.”

Apparently, Ditto also appear as low-level Pokemon, at least primarily: Of the reported instances of Ditto, 19 were Pidgey, 10 were Rattata, 5 were Zubat, and 5 were Magikarp. This is a smart incentivization of even the most weathered Pokemon GO player to go out and catch those common Pokemon, in case they turn out to be Ditto. This also comes on the heels of Pokemon GO rebalancing CP and starting a Thanksgiving event, giving players a lot of reasons to get playing.

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