In the week gone by, Ubisoft released the latest State of the Game blog post for Tom Clancy’s The Division. In it, the team addresses the new fixes implemented, as well as a discussion concerning the current ‘Shotgun Meta’ and the easily abused Clear Sky Phoenix Credit farming exploit.

According to the team, currently, Shotguns are in the perfect balancing place when it comes to PVE. However, for PVP, there have been reportedly many players expressing their displeasure in fighting against shotgun users, mostly due to being far too powerful in the Dark Zone. Much to the disgruntlement of players, the development team have decided not to make any large changes to the weapon. Instead, they will be testing out how the new altered factors from patch 1.4 will affect Shotguns in PVP.

For the credit farming exploit, the team have made it clear that they are aware of the easy Phoenix Credit exploit by running the Clear Sky mission on an easy difficulty. The team have made it a point to state that this is not an exploit, but will be addressed in the next 1.5 update.

As more feedback is received, the team hopes to prepare themselves for the 1.5 release in the hopefully not to distant future.

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