Nexon’s epic mobile strategy role-playing game Fantasy War Tactics is offering a big new update for current, new, and returning players for free, featuring characters, locations, and items from popular fighting game BlazBlue.

The update includes 4 new characters, and the following cool add-ons:

  • Four epic BlazBlue characters to recruit: Play as and unlock the powerful abilities of BlazBlue’s protagonist and Grim Reaper, Ragna the Bloodedge; the Hero of Ikaruga and Ragna’s brother, Jin Kisaragi; Successor of the Azure, Noel Vermillion; and vampire Rachel Alucard;
  • Ragna’s Lost Island to explore: Uncover the mystery behind Ragna’s Lost Island, obtain Ragna’s gene fragment and defeat hordes of enemies scattered throughout the island (available until Dec. 8);
  • Special BlazBlue packages: Buy exclusive special packages in the in-game lobby for exclusive costumes, equipment (such as the 3★SS) and other items (available until Dec. 8);
  • Black Edition costume collecting event: Earn 1,000 crystals by collecting all four of the Black Edition costumes during the event period (available until Dec. 8);
  • BlazBlue event shop: Earn coins from the World Conquest and Dungeons to purchase exclusive items, such as Noel’s Gene Fragments, Rachel’s Gene Fragments, the Winner’s Proof (4★ S), the Triumphant Bouquet, and more! (available until Dec. 14).

The update is called “Fantasy War Tactics x BlazBlue Collaboration” and is now live on iOS and Android until mid-December.

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