They aren’t exactly Cole Train, but I suppose it’s close enough. Announced over on the Xbox Wire site, the familiar rap duo to the team, Run the Jewels will be playable characters in Gears of War 4. Both Killer Mike and El-P have a history with The Coalition, with Killer Mike doing voice over work for the Gears of War Ultimate Edition’s “Making Of” series and the duo’s soundtrack being used by the team.

Providing their voice and physical likeness to the team, the duo will be available for purchase in the Run the Jewels Air Drop DLC. This DLC comes with not just an ingame model for both Killer Mike and El-P, but 18 themed emblems, bounties and weapon skins. These skins will be playable on the Versus and Horde mode multiplayer modes.

As an extra announcement, two familiar Gears of War maps will be returning to Gears of War 4: Checkout and Drydock. Players with the season pass will already have instant access through the Developer Playlist. The two maps will be released to the public on November 8th.

The post also promotes the Run the World tour dates. If you’re a fan of the rap duo, you can see a breakdown of their tour dates near the bottom of the post.


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