Do you remember when you opened your first pack of Pokemon cards? Do you believe that it was 20 years ago? While there have certainly been a lot more generations of Pokemon and fans since the beginning, it is those that can go all the way back that can call themselves truly loyal. It is also these fans that will appreciate the latest move from the company most of all.

To celebrate 20 years of being such an important franchise in our culture, and the release of their latest trading card expansion, The Pokemon Company has given their website a 90s overhaul. Now anyone who visits the site can get a feel for how the web design of the world was when we were first introduced to this amazing world in front of us.

XY-Evolutions is the latest expansion to the trading card game. With it comes more than 100 new cards. This includes classic cards remade, new Pokemon-EX, Mega Evolutions, and much more. The booster packs and the special themed decks, Pikachu Power and Mewtwo Mayhem, will be available November 2nd in the UK.

Be sure to check out the new 90s style website to get a blast from the past before you pick up the latest Pokemon cards.

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