Announced on Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege blog page, there will be some brand new changes when it comes to the game’s fourth season. Alongside the usual bug fixes, the team also hopes to address some of the bigger issues that fans have been asking for for the past three seasons. It was also announced that Season 4 will also feature a new map and two new operators, as part of the Operation Red Crow update.

The new map is called Skyscrapers, and is based on some very traditional Japanese pagoda mansions placed in the middle of some high rise skyscraper buildings in Nagoya, Japan. In regards to the map’s design “We played with various opposites while designing this map”, stated R6 Art Director, Gregory Fromenteau, “For instance we mixed beauty with bloodshed, serenity with vertigo, and art with destruction. The goal was to trigger a sense of vertigo, no matter where you stood in the map.” Plot-wise, Skyscrapers is introduced because it is the location where the squad must infiltrate the mansion and neutralize the Yakuza organization.

Alongside the new map, and the two teased operators, there are some changes changes to bullet holes and hit registration. The team will be introducing caliber-based destruction for all weapons, which will mean weapons that use higher caliber bullets will create much bigger bullet holes. This feature is intended to help with immersion and realism. In regards to hit registration, the team have stated that improving this is the main priority. One of the ways this is being addressed is the announcement that ping reporting will be introduced, in order to monitor it closely as people play the game.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 does not currently have a commencement date yet. However, more details will be featured after the Season 3 Pro League Finals are over, which is on the 12-13th of November, 2016. There will be a Dev panel on the 12th of November, and a full live demo of the Operation Red Crow update the day after the Finals.

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