The PlayStation 4 Pro is officially out on store shelves and ready to give your PS4 games a graphical boost. But setting up the console for the best possible visual output might not be as straightforward as you think, especially considering that you might not have a 4K TV, or your 4K TV might not support HDR, or your TV that supports HDR might not be 4K. This makes it a little tough for the PS4 Pro to be a simple plug and play solution, so Sony has released a video tutorial explaining what you should do when first setting up the console to ensure you are getting the best visuals that you can.

The tutorial covers things that many people might not think they need to consider, such as the PS4 Pro’s Deep Color Output settings, and shows you how to navigate to them in the system menu, as well as what to set them to. If you are unsure as to whether or not your PS4 Pro is working the best it can with your TV, then check out the video tutorial from Sony below to see the entire setup process.

The PS4 Pro released on November 10th, and retails for $399 USD.

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