Cryptic Studios, developer of Star Trek Online, released the first details on how console players will be interacting with the upcoming console version of the popular, free-to-play PC MMO.

The developers explains, “The face buttons will control weapon swap, melee, interact, and kit powers, with captain powers on the left bumper. Both kit and captain powers will operate just like bridge officer powers in space, with a single selectable power set to fire whenever you want, a radial menu to choose between your remaining powers, and auto-activate for abilities that support it. This layout makes it easy to immediately pick up and play ground combat.”

Continuing, they add, “In order to facilitate targeting, pulling the left trigger will put you into a target lock mode, you will always face the target and circle them as you move in this mode. This is effectively the Aim Mode we see in the PC version, so you will get the same Aim bonuses as well as the slow movement and animation you see there. By releasing the left trigger, you’ll re-enter free shooter mode, and can move or select targets freely.

“In terms of movement, double flicking the left stick will make you roll in any direction, clicking the left stick activates Sprint mode, and clicking the right stick makes characters crouch.”

Star Trek Online will release for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall.

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