When companies are developing their titles, they should be thinking about how to make that game as great as possible, first and foremost. If a game is truly an example of greatness, the success will take care of itself. Of course, journalists and other forms of ratings and word of mouth help a tremendous amount. SteamWorld Heist is about to realize this from a personal perspective.

Created by Image & Form, SteamWorld Heist is a strategy game that has robot pirates taking down enemy ships and finding treasure along the way. What’s not to like about that? This was exactly the thought that Apple had when it officially made it the Editor’s Choice on the iOS App Store upon its release. While this game has a few versions on different platforms, this is still a wonderful milestone for the latest mobile version.

“We’re obviously very proud of SteamWorld Heist, and honored that Apple acknowledges the game in this way,” said CEO of Image & Form, Brian Sigurgeirsson. “It shows that attention to detail and quality goes a long way, and that clout or studio size doesn’t have to matter. Sometimes it can all be about the game.”

You can purchase SteamWorld Heist for yourself on iOS now for only $6.99

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